Saturday, April 7, 2012

Past Bedtime

We run a pretty tight ship around here. Kennedy (as well as Mommy and Daddy) are all happiest when we stick to our schedules. We try to get Kennedy up and put her down for naps/bed at the same time every day. Occasionally we stay up past our bedtime and its either a colossal disaster or a ton of fun. There's really no in between.

Last night we were having fun with the bubble machine after dinner and didn't even realize it had gotten to be a good half hour past bedtime. When we came inside, Kennedy decided she wanted to play dress up. She modeled a few shirts I had bought earlier in the day. And then had fun going with me into her closet and picking out different things to put on and show Daddy. I wish I had gotten the camera out sooner because we have some fun clothes from Korea and China, courtesy of Uncle Eric.

 Birthday hat and skirt from her 1st Bday. And fresh drool on her belly. 

Soccer jersey from Korea.  

Running up and down the hall as fast as possible. 
She was pretty sure lions were chasing her. 

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