Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coloring Eggs and Hands

We had a little adventure in coloring Easter eggs today. Its perfect patio weather, which is good, because coloring eggs with a 21 month old is definitely an outdoor activity.

While we were setting up she kept walking around saying, "coloring eggs, oh yeah, color eggs" but I think she thought it involved crayons or markers and paper. We showed her how to take an egg and put it in the bowl full of color. She took to it immediately and had a lot of fun. Because she hasn't totally mastered "gentle" she was throwing the eggs in the bowls causing major color splashes on the table. We started fully dressed and ended with her in a diaper. Turns out, it was just as messy as we thought it would be. But she had a great time and was really proud of all her brightly colored eggs.

 Ready to color. 

 Combining Egg Toss with Coloring Eggs. 

Good thing we lost the shirt, this is when she splattered blue dye all over her chest.  

Hulk hand. Messy fun. 

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