Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Fun

Greg finally wrapped up the new business pitch he had been working on and got to be home with us for a 3-day weekend. We decided dinner on the town was in order for Saturday night and met Aunt Jill at Taco Diner. It's kind of a 'cool kids' place, but it turns out that its a place where cool babies can go as well. Saturday night at 5:30 is total Babyville. Good to know for future outings. My friend Caroline had been raving about the Taco Diner margaritas since I was pregnant, and I finally got to have one. Just one. It did not disappoint!

We also got to do fun stuff like watch movies and play with Kennedy and some boring house chores like hanging new curtains and sorting through all the clothes in Kennedy's room that don't fit her. I wanted her to wear this denim skirt one more time, but it was so small on her. I felt bad even keeping it on her for more than a picture. I think we will loan it to our friend Hadley so she can enjoy it for a bit.

We have some fun outings planned this week and are excited for my friend Julie to come visit us on Friday!

Ready for dinner at Taco Diner.

Brrr. It's cold outside.

You can barely see the denim skirt. It has been absorbed by her tummy roll.

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