Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mile High Visitor

This weekend one of my best friends, Julie, came in for a visit. Julie and I became friends in high school, were roommates after college and lived/worked within a block of each other in Park Slope and Midtown, respectively. We miss getting to see Julie and Andy so we were definitely excited to have her come hang out with us and spend some time with Kennedy. They live in Denver now, so we look forward to coming to visit them sometime soon.

We showed Julie what we do best - eat at our favorite restaurants. On Saturday morning we met up with Jill for a delicious brunch and mimosas at Breadwinners. Julie and I did a little afternoon shopping before heading to my favorite place, Patrizios in Highland Park Village. There we met Caroline, Lizzy and Ashley for drinks and yummy dinner. The conversation inevitably kept turing to our babies, so I hope we didn't scare Julie too much with the baby talk!

Kennedy and Emily (Caroline's daughter) got to hang out together at the YMCA while the dads also enjoyed a baby-free night out.

Today we took Julie on the Tour de Dallas showing her neighborhoods we like, some we are considering for a future home purchase and then some of the extravagant mansions that make you wonder, What exactly do these people do? Seriously.

Thanks for coming to visit, Julie, we had so much fun with you!

All the girls on Sunday afternoon - Julie, Kennedy, Olive, Me

A close up of Kennedy's excitement to hang out with Julie.


  1. Awww, she's adorable :) Too cute!
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  2. Hi Nitzalie - thanks for you sweet comment!