Thursday, January 27, 2011

Teddy Bear Park

While all of my East Coast friends are schlepping around in the latest Snowicane, Kennedy and I met our Texas friends at the park to enjoy a lovely afternoon picnic. I mean, not to rub it in to any of the NYC gang, but it was 65 today and I was a little over dressed with a sweater over my polo.

Anybragging, we met Caroline, Ashley and Alice at Lakeside Park in Highland Park and had a picnic lunch around the duck pond. For those of you not familiar with the area, Highland Park is where you wear your fancy pants. I made some cookies to share and thought it appropriate to make them a little fancy as well.

After lunch we put the babies in their strollers and took a stroll around the lake. We came across these somewhat random, ginormous teddy bear statues and couldn't get the cameras out fast enough.

It felt great to get some fresh air and I am hoping Greg and I can spend a lot of time outside this weekend.

Grab your pearls, its fancy cookie time.

Goldilocks letting her hair flow freely in the breeze.

Everything is bigger in Texas.

Mommy brigade.

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  1. i feel as thought i'm becoming the over-commenter here. but i can't NOT comment on this one. i am so jealous. end of comment.