Monday, January 24, 2011

Tickle Monster

New things are always happening at our house. Last night we watched Kennedy side scoot herself all over the living room. I try to entice her to move towards toys, and most of the time she will reach, then rest and finally give up. With the exception of Olive, nothing really has peaked her interest enough to move herself in its direction. That was until she spotted the wireless router.

The blinking lights were irresistible and only seemingly out of reach. So she began to reach and then found that if she shot her leg out to the side, she could use that as leverage to move sideways. This exercise went on for about 45 minutes and during that time she would reach periods of frustration. To try to divert her frustration and keep her scooting, I reached down and tickled her side. The result? She thought it was hilarious.

I have a feeling I will be playing the role of Tickle Monster a lot more frequently. I'll do anything I can for a laugh from this girl.

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