Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh, Snap

It's no secret around here that I am kind of obsessed with Kennedy's Children's Place jeggings. They're practically Pajama Jeans for babies, super soft pants that happen to look like jeans. I bought them in the next couple sizes, because heaven forbid I am caught one morning in a jam where the current pair don't fit. The obsession is felt among my friends with babies as well. I didn't really think it was possible for another piece of denim to be as cute, soft or awesome as the pair(s) she has. That was until I stumbled across this pair yesterday at Baby Gap.

Kennedy now has her first pair of snap fly, straight leg real jeans. And the best part? They are lined with fleece to keep her toasty warm on these chilly winter days. They're a total pain when it comes to diaper changing, but the cuteness factor outweighs the hassle.

Its no accident that the cuffs match the shirt.

Scootin' around the playroom in her snappy new jeans.

Those are real belt loops - a baby Vineyard Vines belt would be so cute.

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  1. We LOVE Gap jeans too! Did you make sure to get their denim card? Buy 4 get the 5th free! I always wait until the jeans are on sale and then buy them then. Kennedy is going to be one fashionable little diva- just like her Mommy!