Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine's Day is Coming...

It’s time to start thinking about all things pink, red and heart shaped. Valentine’s Day will be here in just about three short weeks! It happens to be one of my favorite holidays for making fun, crafty projects. My mom used to always go overboard for Valentine’s Day. Partly because she was incredibly talented and creative, but also because it’s my youngest brother Alex’s birthday. The house was always decorated within an inch of its life and the kids were all outfitted in (often matching) Valentine’s Day shirts.

I hope to make this a fun holiday for Kennedy as she gets older. My friend Jill has even arranged a Valentine's Day Crafternoon with some of our friends! When Kennedy is older, I can't wait to find lots of fun and crafty projects for her.

We had so much fun making our Christmas cards with Shutterfly, that I think we might just send out a Valentine's Day card as well. We snapped a few V-Day pics when Kennedy had her 6 month photo shoot with Kelli and I'll turn to my trusty friend, Shutterfly, for the fun Valentine's Day cards.

Valentine’s Day isn’t traditionally a gift giving holiday in our house, mainly because our anniversary is just a week later. But I am not sure I will be able to resist some of these photo gifts for Greg. My brother Alex is an avid coffee drinker, and I think he would just love to have a photo mug with his litte niece’s sweet face on it! If you are looking for some personalized gift ideas, be sure to spend a little time looking through all the fun ideas on Shutterfly!

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