Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend At The Ranch

I have been a Texan for 9 months now and in that short time have done all sorts of Texasy things. From eating lots of BBQ (ok, eating lots in general), watching countless hours of football and taking road trips to Midland, Austin and Houston. My hair is getting bigger and it seems as if I am saying 'y'all' more each day. This weekend I got to add to my list of Cool Texas Experiences because we took a weekend trip with the Pfeiffers to the K4 Ranch. Its a beautiful ranch outside of Austin that has been in Caroline's family since 1890. There were 11 adults and 3 babies on the trip and we all had a fantastic time. We spent the daytime enjoying the nearly 80 degree temperatures with a Punt-Pass-Kick competition (its a football thing, y'all) and took the off road golf carts for a scavenger hunt around the property. We watched the sunset while drinking margaritas and enjoyed more drinks by the fire pit at night. One close call for the weekend, I nearly got tricked into eating venison (which actually turned out to be beef, so I would have been ok, but that's another story for another blog).

The babies all did great and played most of the weekend. They all seemed to really enjoy the outdoor time and the constant attention from everyone there. Kennedy, Emily and Molly are all in very different stages and it is fun to watch them play and try to interact with each other.

The drive home was very easy and we even stopped for a frozen treat from DQ. Such a fun and relaxing weekend!

Greg showing off his mad kicking skills.

All ready for the scavenger hunt (not pictured: mommy's beer)

Everyone must finish their beer before heading to the next stop. And that means everyone.

Kennedy and Emily "helping" with dinner.

Rocking with Kennedy on the porch.

Sleeping soundly on the way home.

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