Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas, Part Deux

We made it to Midland very (very) late on Monday night due to a delayed flight and only had 3 out of 4 bags we checked in ABQ. I was afraid the trip had started out as a bit of a FAIL, but Kennedy slept on the plane and we enjoyed free cocktails. The remaining luggage arrived the next day along with a SW travel credit as an apology for losing the aforementioned bag.

Our Texan Christmas celebration had a theme, and that theme was food. We had a delicious late lunch and enough desserts to keeps us visiting the sweets table for a week. Kennedy got to meet lots of new family members including her Great Grandmammy, Uncle Clinton, Aunt Debbie and cousins Meagan and Meredith. She also got to spend more time with the Houston Hunters, Ross, Jenn, Julia and Natalie. This was my first time celebrating Christmas with Greg's whole family and I had a great time relaxing at the house and visiting with everyone.

Kennedy and GrandMammy

Meredith, Meagan, Kennedy and Aunt Debbie.
The next morning, we opened presents with Grammy Flash, Big Poppa and the Houston Hunters. It was so fun to watch the girls (Julia and Natalie) open each gift and get so excited about everything they received. Julia a Princess Jasmine costume and put it on immediately. This was her outfit of choice for the rest of the week (bedtime included). She has already began teaching Kennedy all about the Disney Princesses. Natalie got a black (stuffed) puppy and immediately shouted "Olive!" Natalie loves animals and chased Olive from one room to the next. I think it was good for Olive to get a little practice being chased by an energetic toddler.

"You see, Kennedy, this is Sleeping Beauty and when she isn't sleeping her name is Aurora..."

The Hunter Cousins: Natalie, Julia and Kennedy

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