Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Updates

We returned late Saturday night from a great Thanksgiving Week in NM. We got to see most of our friends and family and Kennedy got lots and lots of quality time with her Gramms and Gramps. It felt like the week flew by - but we sure had a good time. We are looking forward to a return visit in a few short weeks for Christmas.

The flight home was easy and I am sure watching us get through the airport with all of our luggage must have been pretty funny. Now I tend to "overpack" from time to time (or every time, according to Greg) but this is getting a little ridiculous! All of our suitcases exploded in the guest bedroom when we got home, and I am trying to get everything put away before a quick trip this weekend.

Here we are: 4 suitcases (1 for me, 1 for Greg, 2 for Kennedy), Olive in her carrier, Kennedy in her travel stroller, a diaper bag and a computer bag.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Hunters!

In other news, the jumperoo is our preferred form of entertainment this week.


  1. Oh so cute!!! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!! I love the picture of your mom kissing Kennedy!

  2. That rainforest bouncer was Audrey's favorite, too. Just looking at the pics brings back that elephant sound effect with the monkey going ooh-ooh-ah-ah! Okay. I'm a dork.