Friday, December 10, 2010

Mommy and Minnie

As I was getting Kennedy dressed this morning, I was quite pleased with the outfit I had picked out for her. White knit dress with navy stripes, tights and silver ballet flats. I was carrying her around the house with me checking doors and turning off lights and caught our reflection in the mirror. Adorable. Wait...something is very familiar here. I think the reason I liked what I chose for her to wear today was because I was wearing the exact same thing. Ok, I was in jeans, but I did have a white top with navy stripes and silver ballet flats. It was just too close, it's like showing up to a party and one of your friends is wearing the same dress.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have actually had the ideal Mommy and Minnie Lilly Pulitzer look in my mind for some time now. I am aware that this colorful, coordinated display of patterns will embarrass my husband within an inch of his life, and I also realize I will be made fun of endlessly. But I don't care. Kennedy is now big enough for baby Lilly but only Resort Collection is out right now, and since we aren't going on a winter Holiday somewhere warm, we are going to have to just wait. Summer 2011 will be a colorful one.

One last thought, you know what we need more of? Hats. More importantly, hats with ears. This one from aunt Rosalie is getting too small.

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