Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Fun

On Thursday we had a little Easter party with our playgroup at our friend Lindsay's house. All the kids loved playing with Laighton's toys and the mommies enjoyed some tasty cupcakes and cake balls. After an exhaustive boot camp the day before, I felt like I deserved a cake ball. Actually, three if I'm being honest. Of course we had to line the kids up on the couch for a photo opp, and much to our surprise, we were able to get a pic with nearly everyone looking in the same direction and no one crying! This was huge. It did not happen with out a monumentally humiliating rendition of all the mommies singing Wheels On The Bus. I would have died of embarrassment if anyone walked in and saw us taking pictures! I'm embarrassed even typing it.

After a restful afternoon snooze, Kennedy woke up asking for markers and paper. We colored for a little while before heading to the children's library for the remainder of the afternoon.

 Sugary sweets. 

 This toy Minnie camera was the hit of the party. 
There were a few feuds over who got to play with it. 

 Mason and his ladies.
Mason, Kennedy, Emily, Laighton & Hadley

Little cutie with a big bow. 

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