Friday, March 9, 2012

Playtime At The Mall

It was rainy and gross outside yesterday so we met our friends for some indoor fun. We went to Northpark mall where we could have lunch and go to the children's library for a music class called Baby Bounce. I had stopped taking Kennedy to Baby Bounce when she started walking because she was only interested in the open space of the mall concourse. It was exhausting chasing her so we took a little break. We started a new music class at Kidville with Caroline & Emily, and it has been such a hit, that I decided it was time to give Baby Bounce another shot. She loved it and had a great time singing and playing with her friends.

After Baby Bounce was over, Caroline and I decided to take the girls over to see the ducks in front of Neiman Marcus. There are always a ton of kids playing here and I have never trusted Kennedy enough to let her near the water. She and Emily got to walk there (holding hands, of course) and loved having freedom outside of the stroller. They had fun chasing each other and we were happy to let them burn off some energy. Since the population at NP at noon on a Thursday is mostly moms with strollers, we weren't disturbing anyone.

 Window shopping. 

Getting to climb up and slide down the ramp. 

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