Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patty's in H-Town

Hope everyone put on a little green and had fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day last weekend. I'm a wee-bit Irish (maiden name McMahon) and we celebrated the holiday as kids. My mom would set out Leprechaun tracks when we got up in the morning and maybe a little evidence of Leprechaun mischief from the night before. I will be excited to do some of these things for Kennedy when she is a little older. Probably by next year. I did make her (and a few of her little friends) super cute little shamrock t-shirts. We had a playgroup St. Patty's Day party on Thursday at Lizzy's with themed sweets and snacks.

Kennedy, Emily and Hadley having lunch on the patio.

 Kennedy handed out little treats to her friends. 

Thursday night we headed to Houston, with the Pfeiffers, to visit the Williams (who moved in December). The girls had a lot of fun playing together and we got a preview of what it would be like to have three littles. What a (cute) handful they were! We decided to cook out Friday night since we were venturing to a restaurant Saturday night. We set up the water table for the girls while the parents cooked and enjoyed adult beverages. Once we wore the girls out from splashing and running around the backyard it was time for bath and bed. Of course there were adorable and hilarious photo opps in the bath. I am sure the girls will just love these pictures resurfacing when they are teenagers!

Saturday we got up early and spent the first half of the day at the Houston zoo. It was a hit and the girls walked almost the whole time. I thought this would mean a marathon nap from them for sure, but Kennedy had other plans. She happily played with all Alex's toys while Em and Alex snoozed. We went to dinner at City Centre, an open air mall with a big turf area in the middle surrounded by restaurants. Kennedy, Emily and Alex had so much fun just running around the open space and dancing to the music. All the parents took turns sitting and enjoying their drink and running inteference between the girls and the gigantic water feature (that also contained sharp rocks and fire). Since Kennedy opted out on the afternoon nap, she climbed into her stroller around 7 and crashed.

Its getting more and more fun to do little trips like this now that the girls are older. Although they are all a few months apart in age, the age difference is getting less and less noticeable. They play really sweet together (most of the time) and seem to really enjoy each other's company.
Out of all 3 cameras, this was one of the only pics of the girls together!


Daddys and their girls. 

Twinkies. While Greg and I were chasing them both around we did get asked how old "our girls" were. 


We've all got our green on. 

Williams, Hunters (minus a sleeping Kennedy) and Pfeiffers. 

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