Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two Years As A Texan

On March 18, two years ago, we boarded a one way flight from JFK-DFW. I cried as we took off. It was hard to leave NYC, our apartment, our jobs and our awesome friends there. We had no idea what we were really in for moving to the Big D. The time has flown by and I guess its about time to stop saying that we are new to Dallas. We live here now and we really like it. We have awesome friends who have given us a big ol' Texas welcome. They've helped us find a place to live, shown us all the city has to offer, introduced us to new friends and helped us make this city our home. We love that we get to see our families more since we are geographically closer. There are definitely things we miss about NYC and I will take an east coast blizzard over tornado weather any day of the week, but overall, we are happy here.

When we moved to Dallas, we were coming from about a 750 sqft (thats being generous) apartment. The first night in our new house we thought we had gotten something that was "too big" for us. Ha! We have filled it out quite nicely and I even wish we had a little more space already. I think about if we had stayed in our Park Slope apartment with the baby (which would have been nearly impossible) and just laugh.

I was uploading some pics from our weekend trip with the Pfeiffers and Williams and had fun looking through old NY albums. I'll share more about our weekend St. Patty's Day trip later!

No room for a crib in this room! I'm sure Ikea makes a bunking solution for this kind of situation. 

Living room, kitchen, dining room, office and clothing storage. 
Where oh where would the pink retro kitchen have gone?

We shared this itty-bitty bathroom. O-M-G. 
If you have not had the (mis)fortune of witnessing the disaster storm that rolls through our bathroom every morning when I get dressed, you can't even imagine how this non-existant countertop looked. 

 Walking to the B-Q train one snowy morning in my trusty pink Hunter wellies
I will seriously take feet of snow over the spring storms here. That's what multi- terrain stroller tires are for. 

 Our old Park Slope neighborhood after a snow. 


  1. i still can't walk down president street without thinking, "maybe i'll stop by and see what the hunters are up to." of course that's quickly followed by sadness. i miss y'all so much!

  2. Drown your sorrows in a Mint Dazzler. Hagan Daaz was always just a little too close...