Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Texas Christmas

We just got home from a very fun few days in Midland with Greg's family. His brother Ross and family were in from North Carolina and the 3 girls had a great time playing together. Kennedy was in heaven with the other kids and I know Julia and Natalie (almost 5 and almost 3, respectively) were loving taking care of Baby Kennedy. Grandmammy even drove in from Silverton for a belated Christmas visit.

While the grown-ups got some pretty sweet gifts (I am dying to get to Lululemon to spend a gift card), the majority of the gift frenzy was focused on the girls. Every gift opened was pinker and girlier than the last. Barbie everything. Princess dresses. Dollhouses. Etc. So much fun. I got to help Julia set up this Barbie condo thing and it was all sorts of awesome. I can't wait until Kennedy is old enough to be trusted with all the teeny-tiny Barbie accessories (sunglasses, bowls of Doritos, hair dryers, etc.)

We also spent a good amount of time playing outside. Kennedy is somewhat fearless on the slide and balance beam, but just incase she needed a helping hand, Julia was there to assist.

We attempted some family pictures. Try to get three littles looking and smiling in the same direction is tough. But I think we were able to get a few cute shots. Fingers crossed. The photographer is a friend of a friend and her work is beautiful. Can't wait to see the pics in a couple of weeks.

It was sad to say goodbye to the North Carolina Hunters this morning. But we started talking about a family vacation in the spring. So hopefully it won't be too long until we see them again!

Various headwear was made available for present opening. Some of it was even holiday related.
Kennedy and I chose a matching Minnie set. 

Matching UT hats. Matching razors. 

 Who is having more fun playing Barbies? 
(Its Aunt Amanda...shhh)


Silly Natalie 

Grandmammy, Greg and Kennedy 

"Hello? Can you talk louder? I get terrible reception on this thing...oh, wait..." 

Pink Flamingo Tree 

Hunter cousins bathed and ready for bed.

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