Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ranch Weekend

This weekend we took a drive down south to spend a weekend at Caroline's family ranch for the annual "Kids Ranch Weekend." Now there are actual kids at the ranch...not just the adult kids! This was Kennedy's second trip down but last time she was just a little peanut that hung out in an exersaucer or slept the whole time. This year, Kennedy had the best time ever just running around in the front yard with Emily and the boys. Really, she would have been content to just stay in the yard the entire weekend.

We went on a little tour of the ranch and tried to point out some cows and deer. Kennedy had her mind set on running around, so the animals were of little interest to her. The upside to all her running around? A real tired little lady. Since the girls played so hard during the day, they took awesome (long) naps and went to bed early. This meant more playtime for the grown ups!

While the girls slept we got to enjoy going for rides in the four wheelers, spotting deer, athletic competitions, making drinks, drinking drinks and having an all around good time.

Ranch boots.  

"Are they twins?" 
Caroline and I get asked this a lot. 
               Last year: Bjorn.                                                     This year: backpack.  



Let. Me. Down. 

 The boys at Lake Lizzy. 
Again, Kennedy's sole interest was running around. 

 Driving around. 

The gang.  

 Mommy and Minnie matching velour trackies. 


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