Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Crafts

We have been slowly putting up Christmas decorations this week and hope to get the house decorated tomorrow night. We will be testing out some spiked hot chocolate recipes while we get this house Christmasified. In the meantime, there are some little holiday craft projects I found on Pinterest and couldn't wait to do them with Kennedy. I have a big frame in the kitchen and have been switching out some of Kennedy's seasonal artwork. It was time to take down the autumn picture and get something more festive in there.

Today at playgroup we had the kids dip their hands in paint and stamp them on paper to make Christmas trees. This went a lot better than you might think.

Kennedy's hand print tree. 

A little help from the mommies. 

Toddler Masterpieces

In a holiday-craft-related note, my friend Ashley made these adorable Rudolph bows with red bells as the nose. This afternoon I made a Reindeer applique. Check out The Littlest Hunter shop for some holiday goodies!

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