Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time For Fresh Air

When Kennedy started trying to use our TV as a touchscreen device, I knew she had spent a little too much time with an iPhone/iPad/Kindle over the holiday break. We passed the zoo when we were coming into town and decided after New Years we would take her to see the animals.

The Dallas Zoo is nice. Its easy to manage with out a stroller, which is good because 10 minutes in Kennedy decided she was "all done" with riding in her stroller. The animal habitats are easily viewed by toddlers and there are lots of interactive exhibits. For $5 you can stand on a ledge overlooking the giraffe habitat and feed them. I won't even pretend we did this for Kennedy. I was so excited to feed and pet them. They are quite used to getting food from humans and get right up in your face. I kind of can't wait to go back and "let Kennedy" feed them again.

There is also a children's zoo within the zoo complete with pony rides, a petting zoo, playground and splash park (for the summer). If there is a slide nearby - Kennedy will find it. We went with some friends of ours that have a little boy one month older than Kennedy. The kids got along great and had a lot of fun chasing each other around and pointing out animals.

Kennedy had a great time and walked/ran/played for 2 straight hours (then napped for the better part of the day). We are looking into a family membership because I have a feeling we will be back often to see the "raffes" "efants" and "ions" (giraffe, elephant and lion).

The TV is not a touchscreen. Yet.  


Feeding the "raffes" 

As I was taking a picture of Greg feeding a giraffe, I turned to find this inches away from my face.  

Kennedy and her friend Charlie looking for monkeys.  

She loves a good slide. 

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