Tuesday, December 27, 2011

NM Christmas

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We had a fantastic time in New Mexico with my family and now we are in Midland with Greg's family celebrating Round 2.

My brother Eric flew all the way from South Korea to surprise us for Christmas. Only my dad and I knew up until a few days before his arrival and it was a very hard secret to keep. Keeping secrets from my mom is no easy task. Not only did I have to keep the news about Eric from her, but my dad also had me help him get this awesome handbag she had been wanting. She prodded nearly every day as to what her gift was...and I am glad I was able to keep them both a secret as each gift brought on a few tears.

Kennedy was showered with more gifts and attention than she could have ever asked for. Among the highlights were pretend food and a new doll stroller. She did get a baby doll that opens and closes her eyes, but it totally freaks her out. That one might get put away until she is a little older. She was not, however, freaked out in anyway by the giant Chewbacca backpack Uncle Eric received. She wore it around all morning and even tried to share her crackers with it.

New things we learned she liked in NM: fudge, biscochitos and salsa. Chocolate and cookies - no big shock there. But who would have known that my child would like something spicey like salsa? I can barely handle pepperonis most of the time let alone chili peppers (or whatever makes things spicy in salsa). So we have our very own spicy food eater. This makes all my NM family very happy. I have a feeling she will be offered green chili on her next visit.

 Christmas: The Aftermath

 This thing is straight up awesome-town. Even better was Kennedy walking around saying "Chewbacca" clear as day. I laugh every time I think of my brother snowboarding in this. Apparently its what the cool kids in Korea do. 

Cautious snow walking. 

Eventually we will learn fingers don't go in the toaster.  

The Hunters (Yellow Lighting Edition) 

The Whole Fam

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  1. I LOVE the last picture! What a great family!