Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Travel Success

Greetings from New Mexico! 

Kennedy and I flew in last night...and boy are our arms tired. Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyway, we had a fantastic flight! Thanks to a nearly empty plane and the sweetest flight attendants ever, Kennedy got to enjoy the luxury of her own seat. She was such a good girl, never cried, just sat and colored, snacked and charmed all the flight attendants. I brought with me an entire bag of new toys and books to keep her occupied. Aquadoodle for the win. This kept her entertained and quiet for a very long time. We also got to test out our new 'leash' in the airports. Worth. Every. Penny. She loved being able to walk about and completely didn't mind being tethered to me. It also made my job of wrangling the toddler, pushing the stroller and slinging around the diaper bag much easier. Travel success.

After a mandatory teeth cleaning at my mom's office (no cavities, standard lecture on flossing more), Kennedy and I went over to Sam and Kaylie's house for lunch. Kaylie and Kennedy are only 4 days apart and we love to get them together whenever I am in town. A special treat - our friend Jamie came with her twin baby girls, and "Favorite Auntie Ro" came to play as well.

Rosalie/Favorite Auntie Ro brought the girls Mrs. Potato Head toys. They were a hit.  And she was smart to bring them the same thing as "sharing" is a quite unpopular concept to a 16 month old.

I  had to keep a watchful eye on Kennedy with the babies. As much as she loves her baby dolls, she is a tad rough with them. She slings them around the playroom, stuffs them into the doll stroller and occasionally runs them over with her car. At first, I think she thought the twins were dolls but she was so distracted with all Kaylie's toys that she kept her distance...for the most part.

 Elmo leash. Looks like Elmo is in a Baby Bjorn.

 Lilly and Paige. 
Or possibly Paige and Lilly. 
Sweet baby girls.

"There are some eyes under the ottoman."

Kennedy and Kaylie

Kennedy and Kaylie as Potato Heads.

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