Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A hotdog? Really?

We have a meat eater, y'all! It happened yesterday when I gave Kennedy a taste of a hotdog. Don't be fooled - this was not something off MY plate, just from a pack we had at the house. I think hotdogs are all sorts of gross. Anyway, as we do every day I gave her a little meat with her lunch. Normal reaction is to gag, spit it out and say "no, no, no." But yesterday she ate it. She even asked for more. She ate the whole thing. 

The biggest shock came around dinner time when she came up to me and said "mom, hotdog, pees" (hotdog, please). I couldn't believe she asked for it! (Also, she calls me "mom" most of the time now, how mature of her). 

You mean to tell me I have been putting delicious and perfectly seasoned chicken, beef, turkey and ham in front of her for 6 months and all she wanted a microwaved hotdog?! 

Greg and I sat at the kiddie table to eat our dinner last night where she proceeded to eat bite after bite of a beef taco. And today I got her to eat chicken. 

Of course, my little veggie eater now scowls at her green beans and throws a fit when she sees a carrot. Go figure. 

We are also making great strides with a fork and spoon. She insists on feeding herself and it can get a little messy at times. Today I let her feed herself some greek yogurt in her high chair and the rest of her lunch in the playroom. 

Surprisingly, almost all of this made it in her mouth.  

Straight up chicken nuggs on that plate.  

 Chicken nugg in one hand and the Aquadoodle pen in the other. It was a working lunch. 


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