Monday, May 6, 2013

Little Photographer

A few weeks ago, Kennedy and I had a lunch date at the Dallas Arboretum. The tulips were out and the weather was beautiful, so we packed a lunch and grabbed our cameras. Kennedy has had a camera pointed at her since she was hours old, and while she likes to try to use my Big Girl camera, it makes me a little nervous. So I found one of my old point-and-shoot cameras and throught I would let her take some pictures of her own.

I was shocked and impressed at how well she did with composition and framing. She was really proud of herself, and I was pretty proud of her too. She loves taking her camera with her everywhere we go now.

My little photographer (shots from her camera on the left). 
 Setting up her shots. These were all from her camera. 
Having fun in the frontier town. 
My Little Tulip. 

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