Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day - 2013

The Hunters did a bit of travel for Mother's Day weekend and spent some time in Midland. Before we left, Greg wanted to make sure I got a proper Mother's Day with just our little family of three. So we went out to dinner at Coal Vines, one of my favorite pizza/wine places. While the pizza was awesome, and Kennedy was a little angel at dinner, I did sorta miss the wine like a lot. After dinner, we walked down to Sugarbox and had a couple cake balls for dessert. Kennedy has her mother's sweet tooth and thoroughly enjoyed every morsel of her dessert. It was a really fun evening and I felt like a very special, loved and appreciated Mommy (and wife).

We had a fun weekend in Midland (more on that later) and spent Mother's Day relaxing at the Hunter house. Greg's dad made a delicious BBQ brisket for lunch and Kennedy had fun playing with all the toys. All of them. At the same time.

Me and my girl, enjoying our sweets. 

Mother's Day - 2013

Kennedy giving Baby Boo a high five. 

Grammyflash with Kennedy and Greg. 

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