Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last Day

Today was our last day of the school year, and happens to be our last day at Prestonwood. Kennedy has been there two years, and while we have loved the program, we have decided to move to a different school next year.

I had to pull it together when I went to pick her up today - I started to get a little emotional. I think it kind of hit me how much she has grown up and changed since August. I still see her as my baby and today I realized she is a Little Girl. She and Emily hugged their teachers and handed them some thank you gifts on their way out the door. We have a few summer camps lined up for June and July and will start at our new school after Labor Day in September.

The face she is making on the right is somewhere between "squinting from the bright light" and "princess face." But here we are, in the same spot on the wall.

They look like such big girls here! As I was dropping Kennedy off, Ms. Grace already had the rubber bands ready for matching braids. 

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