Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And So It Begins

What time do the Longhorns play today? This is the question I will be asking Greg every Saturday morning for the next few months, as college football season has begun, and our weekend plans revolve around game time. 

Since the Johnsons have the Longhorn network, they hosted us and the Pfeiffers for a watching party. Lizzy set up a little craft for Hadley, Kennedy and Emily to work on while we fixed their dinner. After an outdoor photo sesh/chasing the girls all over the front yard, we got the little ones settled upstairs and poured ourselves drinks for kickoff. The girls had a great time and enjoyed getting to be 'big girls' all by themselves in the playroom. They all watched more movies/tv during that time than they proibably do all week! There were actually very few quarrels, they played really nicely most of the evening. 

Next weekend will be one of the first times we will have a House Divided on game day as the Longhorns are playing my alma mater, the University of New Mexico Lobos. Kennedy doesn't actually have any Lobo gear, but Lainey is coming to visit so maybe she will bring something cute in a 2T. Hint hint. 

I took a sewing break on Saturday to make snickerdoodle cupcakes and gameday toppers. 

Burnt Orange Hunters

All the girls.

She ditched her bow, but held on to the pom-pom. 

This took some effort. All they wanted to do was run wild. 

Finally settling down to watch Madagascar (3 times)

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