Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drawing Skirkles

Not every day is a successful nap day. Sometimes Kennedy sleeps, but more often than not, she lays in her bed and reads books and talks to her 'friends.' I would prefer that she sleep, but I will take a little downtime any way I can get it. If she is quiet I usually don't disturb her until she knocks on the door letting me know she has woken up. But there are days where I think it might be just a little too quiet. This means she is getting into mischief. Usually its harmless and could include an emptied wipes box.

Then last week happened. The little lady brought/snuck a bath crayon in her room at some point during the day. I probably couldn't see it on account of the stuffed animal convention in her bed. I had no idea it was in there until I heard her on the monitor saying something that sounded a lot like, "I drew skirkles." 

I opened the door and experienced one of those moments where I wanted to get mad and laugh at the same time. I mean, she was so proud of her skirkles. And she was eager to show me everything she had colored. And she didn't have to try to hard to show me, because green crayon was literally everywhere. I told her (again) that we only color on paper and got her a rag to help clean up the mess. After it was cleaned up, I did a sweep of her room and possible hiding places to check for contraband.

Partys Over. 

Toys, sheets, bed, surface was left untouched. 

Naptime Masterpiece 

The video is a little long but I love 1) what's left of her ponytail, its a hot mess and 2) when she says Caroline will come over to clean the mess up.


  1. We go through this every time we have crayons and markers out. "Madeline - where do we color?" "On the paper mommy." And then within minutes she's usually given herself a Hitler mustache and tattoo sleeves.

    1. Ha! We practically have to keep crayons/markers with the medicine in a locked cabinet!