Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tumble Tot

Every morning Kennedy wakes up with the same three requests. Yogurt, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and gymnastics. She tells everyone she sees all day that she goes to 'gin-astics' and on Wednesday mornings she is giddy with excitement when I tell her, 'today is gymnastics day!'

She is becoming more fearless in class which is both fun and a little nerve-wracking. She almost gave me (and the teacher) a heart attack when she jumped and did a summersault off a riser onto the trampoline. 'I flipped!' She loves watching the big girls tumble with ease and thinks she has the same skills. 

Her favorite activity has been and remains the trampoline. But Mickey Mouse ears (the rings) are quickly becoming a close second. She definitely looks the gymnast part thanks to an awesome pink and navy velour outfit from our friend Jill. And a "Rapunzel" leotard she picked out on her own. Anything purple/pink has become a Rapunzel item these days. 

Its funny seeing all the little bodies in such a big gym on big kid equipment. And I love getting to watch her push herself and try different things. She immediately runs up and gives me a high-five when she has done something well. 

She used to be afraid, and now can't get high enough on the swing. 
That's the riser the 'flipped' off of. 

L to R: Starbucks, handstands, Mickey Mouse ears (gee, I wonder why she likes the rings so much) and waiting for stamps at the end of class. 

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