Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pink Princess

This will be the first of many trips to the Dallas Arboretum this fall. Its one of my favorite things to do here and I look forward to the pumpkin village every year. They have special toddler activities on Mondays & Tuesdays and the weather is nearly cool enough to enjoy being there. Monday was hot, even in the shade, but that didn't slow down Kennedy and her friends! I think Kennedy is at an age where she can really enjoy the open space, Kindermusik, face painting, pumpkin village and petting zoo. On Monday we packed a picnic lunch and met our friends there after our morning workout.

The line was surprisingly short for face painting, so my friend Carrie and I stood in line for the kids. Kennedy got a crown and lots of shimmer painted on her face. And she didn't want to leave Baby Beck* (her doll) out of the fun, so the lady happily applied sparkles and paint to the doll. This was definitely an exciting first for her and she wanted to leave it on to show Daddy when he came home from work.
Getting faces glittered and painted. 
Dancing and swaying to the music. 
Happy little princess. 

Exploring with Baby Beck. 

*We have some friends with a little baby boy named Beck. Since we have spent time with them recently, Kennedy has taken a liking to the name. Most of her dolls are now called Baby Beck. 

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