Saturday, June 9, 2012

Little Swimmer

We have a had a crazy-busy couple of weeks, which explains the blogging absence. Since summer started, I feel like we have been go-go-go!

Swim lessons started on Monday. The first day did not go so well. I was sort of dreading the rest of the week, so before we went to her lesson Tuesday afternoon, I showed her a video from Caroline's blog of Emily swimming. At first, Kennedy thought it was herself. But then she realized it was Emily, and that Emily was having fun. That was enough motivation to get her in the water that afternoon. We got to the pool and she insisted on jumping in the water. By Thursday, a mere 4 days from the disastrous start, she was jumping in (sometimes not holding my hands) and going under the water. At this pace, I assume she will be swimming laps by the end of next week.

One of the songs we learned at the lesson is called I'm A Little Pancake (to the tune of I'm A Little Tetapot). Now when we get in the water Kennedy begs for the Pancake Song. You start off with the little one paddling on their tummy and end with them on their back.

I'm a little pancake, on my tummy.
I'm a little pancake, I'm so yummy.
I'm a little pancake, I make a great stack. 
Now flip me over and put me on my back.
Little Swimmer

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