Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

We have a pretty awesome husband and daddy here and had a great weekend spending time with him. It seemed like there was never a shortage of things to do, and most of them were outside.

Our weekend got off to an early start at the pool Friday afternoon. Greg was able to duck out of work early to come meet his girls. Kennedy absolutely loves swimming and was pretty excited that daddy was there to splash with her. We got home a little after 6 and Kennedy went to bed shortly after that. She kept saying, "no dinner, night-night." Despite her pitiful pleads to go to bed with out dinner, I made her eat a little something before she crashed for the night.

On Saturday Greg came with us to a class at Gymboree. I normally take Kennedy during the week, but on the weekends its a lot more families. Kennedy loved showing off her jumping and climbing skills to her daddy. We then headed over to the Dallas Arboretum for a picnic and walkabout. Kennedy desperately wanted to play in the fountains and it was so hot that we had to let her. Then she asked for a popsicle. I didn't even know she knew what a popsicle was. But again, it was so hot, I let her have one. And maybe Greg and I had one as well. Saturday night we sent her to the Y for the evening so Greg and I could enjoy a date night out.

On Sunday we had grand plans of Father's Day brunch somewhere, but it can just be so exhausting taking Kennedy to restaurants right now. So instead, we ordered from our favorite diner and had pancakes at home. It was very relaxing. Greg opened his presents and we played with Kennedy in the back yard. Thanks to the magic of Pinterest, I put together an awesome Superhero themed gift for Greg. He also got a gift certificate for a massage and a little handprint sign Kennedy made this week. Kennedy and I took off to run some errands so he could watch the Euro Cup (and nap) in peace.

 First Dorito. 'Where have you been all my life?'

Daddy's Girl 

Showing Daddy her favorite playspots at the Arboretum. 

Chihuly Exhibit

The main reason she likes the Arboretum. 

Wild Child in the pool. 

Playing with Mommy. She insisted I be in the pool with her. 

For the Super Daddy

Father's Day Morning

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