Monday, June 25, 2012

Midland Visit

Friday morning we packed the car early, hit up Panera for breakfast sammies and headed west on I-20 to Midland. We decided to go pay a visit to Grammy Flash, Big Poppa and their swimming pool before the weather gets too much hotter in Midland.

Once we got there, Kennedy was ready to get out of the car and into the pool. Which is where she would have preferred to spend the rest of the weekend. Greg and I were able to jam pack a ton of fun and friends into 2.5 days. Nearly everything I ate this weekend was covered in or served with queso. Which is also why we are going to be at the gym a lot this week. Anyway, Friday night was dinner and margaritas with John and Terri at a new place called Chito's (or Chita's, depending on who you ask).

Saturday morning we got up and helped get the backyard ready for a pool party. A bunch of our friends came over with their kids to swim and snack. Kennedy had a legit meltdown when it was time to take a break from swimming to eat. But it didn't last too long, and once I force-fed her a little lunch, she was right back in the water splashing and going down the slide with the rest of the kids.

Saturday night we went with Greg's cousin, Meredith (who happened to be in town), and her friend to see David's band play at a dance club. Let me stop here and clarify something. I don't mean dance club, like oonsa-oonsa, lots of cocktails, and a bouncer. I mean literally a club that (older) people have formed to dance. Median age 65. Lots of two stepping and waltzing. The band sounded great and we got a kick out of watching the oldsters enjoying themselves. We ended the night with queso, dinner and margaritas at La Bodega, a Midland staple.

Sunday morning we let Kennedy swim and run around in the hopes of tiring her out for a long nap on the drive home. Thanks to that, we had an easy drive home from an awesome weekend and had plenty of time to play before bedtime.

Shopping in the "store"...aka, the ottoman, for pool toys.  

What a little lady. 

Ready to swim? High five. 

 Big Poppa showing off his specialty, smoked salmon.  



One worn out little girl. In a baby swing. That she still fits in. 

Relaxing with Grammyflash and the iPad. 

Saturday Night Out

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