Monday, January 23, 2012

Pearly Whites

I took Kennedy to her first dentist appointment this morning. I had no expectations for this appointment. At most, I figured she would walk around the office, meet the dentist and we would be on our way. She is wiggly, squirmy and going through a Mommy-Hold-Me-All-The-Time phase. I had no idea how they would get her to sit still long enough to have her little teeth looked at. I assumed there would be TV screens and prizes involved. At this appointment, the dentist just looks at her teeth and applies a fluoride treatment.

First of all - the waiting room was amazing. It was modern, cheery and very cool inside. It was a playground. Literally. There was a massive play structure that took Kennedy's breath away. There were also touch screen computer games and a movie playing. Once Kennedy's name was called we were led to  a massive DVD library to select something to keep her attention. I froze. I've never seen so many kids DVDs. I fumbled around and grabbed a Barney DVD. Barney? Really? Anyway, it did the trick and Kennedy laid completely still while the dentist counted her teeth and examined her mouth. She even said "mmm, thanks" after her put the flouride treatment on (it was strawberry flavored).

The dentist talked to me about toddler oral health while the hygienist took Kennedy to the toy chest to select a prize. Its already time to start flossing. That should be interesting. He also gave me some tips for breaking the night-time paci, which we hope to do in the next few months.

Anyway, her exam was great. We are doing everything we should be doing and not eating/drinking the things we shouldn't be eating/drinking. She will go back every 6 months, just like a grown up!

 Can we stay and play in the waiting room all afternoon?

 Checking out the chair. She actually sat in my lap for the exam.

P.S. The dentist told me they are about to release a cartoon and an iPhone app to teach kids about going to the dentist. It should be up on their website in a few weeks!

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  1. that looks like an amazing clinic!! I'm having a problem finding a dentist around here that even SEES kids under 3 for anything other than "Spin in a circle in this chair, okay $70 please" and think that we'll be driving an hour to take him to a pediatric dentist next month.

    If his appointment turns out half as good as Kennedy's, I'll be one happy momma!