Thursday, January 5, 2012

One And A Half

I can't believe Kennedy is 18 months old today! We go to the dr for her official check up next week, so I will posts stats then.

What is she up to at 18 months? Well, she is becoming a great little communicator. She is using sign language a lot right now and a few of my favorites are please, story, friend, share, play, pig, dirty, poop, potty, and cookie. We are currently working on sorry. Her vocabulary is growing every day and she is starting to string words together to form little sentences. 

Her favorite TV friends are still Mickey and Elmo. But she also likes Little Einstein and Small Potatoes. Oh wait, Small Potatoes are my favorite. We also watch Kai-Lan and Fresh Beat Band every now and then to mix things up.

She is a very active little girl and needs her outdoor exercise every day. We try to go to the park every afternoon, but we at least play in the backyard if we don't make it over to the park (or we both will go stir crazy). She loves to climb, slide, run and spin. And repeat. 

When we are inside, she likes to play with the pretend food in her kitchen, rock the babydolls and color. A favorite activity right now consists of me/Greg drawing a picture and asking her to identify it. It amazes us that she can see a picture of a real car, a cartoon toy car and a crude line drawing of a car and know they are all cars. We play this game a lot - especially when we are on the go.

She is still a little picky when it comes to meat - but I can at least hide it in her food now and she doesn't make herself gag. Small steps. She does love her some broccoli and green beans. Actually, most vegetables, fruits and noodles she will willingly eat. Dairy is a home run - cheese, milk, yogurt, etc., she loves it all. If she is reluctant to eat something I just hand her a fork. Her pronunciation of fork will turn heads as it sounds a lot like a very naughty 4-letter word. But she is good at using her utensils and will pretty much eat anything (meat on occasion) with a spoon or fork.

We are definitely in the "terrible twos" which no one tells you starts at roughly 16 months. Or at least for us it did. She is generally very sweet natured, but can throw quite a tantrum when she wants/doesn't want something. Kennedy is learning how to make choices and form her own opinions. For example, if I put a DVD on and she wants to watch something else, she will let me know. "No mama, no Mickey. Einstein. Einstein, EINSTEIN." Its been a challenge as of late, but most of my friends are going through the same thing with their littles, so I feel better knowing I'm not alone!

Kennedy at 18 Months 

"Kennedy, lets put on our shoes." 
"Boots, boots, boots" 
She has taken a real liking to her pink Uggs. 

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