Tuesday, September 6, 2011


On Friday afternoon, I was relaxing at home when I got a call from my mom asking if Kennedy and I would like to fly home to surprise my grandmother, Nani, for her 80th birthday. Of course I did! Kennedy and I hopped on a flight Saturday morning and were pretty excited to get there and surprise her. We all went to my aunt's house and I let Kennedy stand by herself and knock at the door. When Nani came around the corner she got quite a kick out of seeing Kennedy there. I am so glad that we were able to be there and celebrate her special day with our family.

Kennedy and her great-grandmother, Nani.

Happy Birthday!

Kennedy and Gramps exploring the back yard. 

Playing piano with Uncle Pickles and Minnie. 

It was a quick trip as we flew back to Dallas on Sunday to spend the rest of the weekend with Greg. Normally, Kennedy is an easy traveler. I can distract her with Goldfish, books and my iphone for most of the flight. However, it is a different story when she (and I) are sick. Her dress was soaked to her waist in tears, that's how much crying took place in an hour and 15 minutes. I had multiple people stop me after the flight to make sure everything was ok. The poor people sitting around us! Luckily, the girls that sat next to me were very sympathetic and tried to help me calm her down.

When we woke up on Sunday morning we were surprised with crisp, cool weather. Ok, it was still in the high 80's, but you have to understand, that feels like winter to us here in Dallas! We put K in the BOB and walked through the neighborhood to the bagel shop, where we actually got to enjoy eating breakfast outside. We let her nap, ran some errands and ended the day 'riding' her bike up to the park to swing.

Labor Day Bike Ride

Swinging with our sunnies on. 

Chasing Olive around the park. 

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