Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumpkin Post #2

We met our friends and Kelli at the Arboretum today to do a little photo sesh with the pumpkins. I realize this is 2 pumpkin posts in a row, but we are just so excited to be able to go to the Arboretum again! Its basically off limits in the summer. Anyway, when we got there, we all kept commenting on how not crowded it was. Maybe because it was hot as you-know-what today and everyone else checked the weather report before making plans to chase toddlers outdoors. I should have dressed in gym clothes - it was steamy out and K was extra fast on her feet today. But we did get some really cute pictures and I am already stalking Kelli for sneak peeks (realizing that she probably isn't even home yet).

Once Kennedy was done with her photo opp, she set her sights on a fountain. Luckily it kept her distracted from the splash park at the other end of the walkway. She had a blast cooling off by splashing herself and everyone that walked by.

Oooh a fountain.
Shhhh. The fishies are sleeping. 

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  1. So super cute! Her hair almost looks redish in these pics.