Friday, September 16, 2011


Generally speaking Firsts are pretty exciting in Baby World: First Smile. First Word. First Steps.

Of course, there are Firsts that no one really looks forward to, and yesterday, we experienced First Blood.

We are actually having the kind of weather one would expect in September, so I set up her bubble machine outside. This caused a level of excitement I had only seen a few times before. She went charging towards the bubbles and tripped on the little quarter step off our patio before I could even process what was happening.

I scooped her up, gave hugs'n'kisses and assessed the situation. I didn't even see a scratch and she was already over it. We went inside and she asked for a snack. Or a 'nak. nak. naaaaaaaaaak.' I nearly fainted when I saw her mouth all bloody. Turns out, she bit the inside of her lip. Its a small cut. She's already forgotten about it. As far as baby injuries go, this was about as minimal as it could be. But still, baby with a vampire mouth is pretty unnerving.

Don't worry, I didn't bolt for the camera to document. But we did take some pics outside during the morning swinging sesh.

 Happy to be back in the swing. 

Look at that hair. 

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