Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little Artist

One of my favorite things about picking Kennedy up from "school" is getting to see the art project she worked on in class. Its so cute to see all her little paint and sticker projects.

Since I love all the artsy things she brings home, I decided it was time to start doing some arts and crafts with her at the house. First attempt resulted in an immediate trip to Toys R Us for some washable markers. Lesson learned. Second attempt was with washable crayons and stickers and was much more successful. She loves putting the stickers on the paper and when she isn't trying to gnaw on the crayon seems to like scribbling on the paper. She can say sticker and (unfortunately) learned which drawer they are kept in. I now hear her knocking on the drawer begging 'ticker, ticker!!'

Since we have been coloring, I have also been trying to teach her to identify some colors. Is it too early for that? I don't know, possibly so. But she definitely knows the color purple. And now everything she sees that has purple on it she points and says, 'puh-pul'. 

We love stickers.  

Happy with her masterpiece. 

Coloring in progress. 

Crayon Hoarding.

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  1. How cute is that? You are doing a great thing intorducing her to colors and teaching her the colors this young. We are trying to do that with letter and colors with Cruz, the colors are working out better as we can ask him where green and orange are and he will point them out. Not quite saying them yet though!! Go Kennedy!!