Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Eats

This weekend's activities basically revolved around eating. Friday night we went to one of my favorite Dallas eateries, a BYOB pizza place in the West Village called Campania. It also happens to be next door to one of my favorite fro-yo stands. Pizza, sauv blanc, cake batter fro-yo...all the makings for a great night.

 Kennedy had a quattro formaggi slice and loved every cheesy bite. 

Saturday night the Dotsons had a group of us over for some delicious build-your-own burgers. Katie set up a little assembly line where each person could grab their meat, mash in whatever toppings they like (cheese, bacon, jalapenos, ranch, etc) and then Stephen grilled them to perfection. I had seen a burger themed dessert on Bakerella a while back and thought this was the perfect occasion.

The Girls

 I made these little darlings - cupcake and brownie sliders.

On Sunday we braved the crowds at In-n-Out in Allen. So worth it. We both love getting to have it when we go out of town but now we can have it whenever we like. There is one opening up very, very close to home. I am going to have to be careful or I am going to end up back in maternity clothes due to a burger-belly! 

 I like the simple, no-frills menu.


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  1. Ahhh! I drove 30 min the other night for some in and out!!!