Sunday, June 5, 2011

ABQ Travels

If you have been keeping up with the blog then you know we have been traveling. A lot. The last few trips have been in the car and we haven't flown since we went to St. Thomas. Well, last week, Kennedy and I flew to ABQ for a quick family visit. I had no idea what I was in for, because flying with a squirmy, active, 11 month old is no joke! I think I looked at my watch every three minutes thinking we must be starting our descent soon only to realize we had only been on the plane a total of 11 minutes. Luckily the woman next to me had four young children and didn't mind Kennedy grabbing her magazine, Sprite, nose, etc. I spent the better part of the flight home walking up and down the aisle with her waving and making Popeye faces at everyone.

Kennedy was sick the whole trip, a total bummer. She was still pretty playful and happy but I could just tell she wasn't 100%. We did some shopping, birthday planning, lots of lunches and made a trip to the ABQ Aquarium.

My parents have a bunch of 'vintage' Little Tikes toys that belonged to my brother Alex. You can't buy them in stores anymore or we would have duplicates of everything here. Kennedy loves to play with all the Toddles (the little people) and animals. I found her a school bus full of Toddles on eBay last night, pretty excited for its arrival.

She has a few new tricks as of the trip. The most noteworthy was her saying doggie, but she can also identify faces in photos! My mom showed her a picture with a group of people and was asking her to point out Mama, Dada, etc. She was so proud of herself and this turned into a game we played the whole time we were there. She also points in the direction she wants to go and points at what she wants.

She also tries to help you put on her shoes. Hand her some sandals and she tries her best to put them on her feet. Last night we are pretty sure she said shoes. I'd be pretty excited if her second word was shoes. Stay tuned, we have to hear her do it again for it to be official.

 Visiting Papa. 

  Visiting Nani. 

  So big! 


She loved playing the piano. And she looks so big here!

Proud of herself for playing the piano.  

She has enough hair for a clip! 

In addition to putting on her own shoes, she also likes to put cubes of turkey between her toes. Not sure where she picked this up, but this is a new 'thing'.

Looking at the fish. 

We had a lot of fun and can't wait to go back in a few weeks for our birthdays!

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