Sunday, June 5, 2011

11 Months

Today is Kennedy's 11 month birthday. One word to describe her right now: active. No, very active. She is quickly moving all over the place, pulling up on everything she can and starting to take a few steps while holding onto something or someone.

She has such a funny little personality. She loves other kids and will get so excited if she sees another child or baby. She knows how to make silly faces and loves to go between a big smile and a Popeye face. She waves at everyone and everything. She actually waved and said bye-bye to a couple people while we were out on errands today.

Speaking of speaking, we now say doggie, dada and bye-bye. She also barks. As soon as Olive barks or yaps she makes her little barking noise.

Kennedy has two little front toofins and loves to bite down on crackers with them. We have just started the transition from formula to whole milk and she eats about half pureed baby food, half solid food. She prefers the solid food because she can feed herself. Olive also prefers when Kennedy has solids, as it ensures she will get a snack as well.

As I say every month, I just love this stage! I love how interactive, sweet and playful she is right now. And its fun to watch her become a little communicator. Planning is underway for an amazing First Birthday celebration next month.

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