Sunday, June 19, 2011


Today is Greg's first Father's Day and we started off his special day with bagels and presents. After Kennedy had her nap and lunch, we took off for his official Father's Day outing: lunch at In-n-Out Burger. We've both had In-n-Out before on various trips to CA but we were never lucky enough to live within driving distance of one. I'm sure the one that is about to open 10 minutes away is going to become a regular meal in our eating out rotation.

Anyway, as we expected it was pure craziness. The line wrapped around the building and the drive thru had police escorts directing traffic. It took us about 25 minutes in line, but every bite of cheeseburger and fries were completely worth it.

Kennedy is so lucky to have such an amazing Dada. Not to get all mushy here, but all 3 of us girls (me, K, Olive) are very lucky to have Greg. He takes such good care of us and makes us all so, so happy.

Taking care of her tiny hiney. 

Dada and a perfectly swaddled baby. 

The Magic Hold. 

Sleepy baby.

Happy Birthday Dada. 

What I think this picture needs is more orange. 

Shoulder Rides

Dada's Stubble

Greg and his 2 little lasses.

Happy First Father's Day!

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