Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Kickoff

Memorial Day weekend is the 'official' start to summer, so it seemed fitting that we plan a little getaway with friends. Caroline, Ashley and I got together and tossed around some ideas for quick getaways. We had such a long list of "must haves" for our destination and decided on renting a lake house at Lake Granbury. A house was key for us - this meant that after the girls went to bed, the adults could stay up past 7:30 and have fun.

We rented a boat for a couple hours on Sunday. It was so insanely windy that the boat company required one of their drivers accompany us. Hailey, our driver, was a real character and definitely upped the Entertainment Value on the trip. He is 26, from Granbury, has served in the armed forces and been deployed, is a father of a 3 year old, makes his own tattoo guns, tattoos his own shoulders, has starred in season 4 of Deadliest Catch and now has his own crab fishing boat docked in Alaska.Thankfully he was there as he was not only interesting, but the boat broke down an hour away from the marina!

As it turns out, lake water kind of gives me the heebies, so Kennedy and I stayed aboard the watercraft while a few others in the group got in for a swim. I did let her play in the surf at the little lake beach after the boat ride, which she loved.

It was a fantastic kickoff to summer - lots of fun, grilling, SPF 50+, cocktails, tanning and happy babies. 

Afternoon dip in the pool. 

 You guys, this shampoo smells amazing. 

Looking at the water. 

 The Mommies and Babies.

 The Williams, Pfeiffers and Hunters.

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