Sunday, May 15, 2011

Neverending Weekend Fun

I feel like we have already had a full weekend and its only Sunday morning! We kicked off the weekend with the new mommy version of Patio Fridays with Caroline and Ashley Friday afternoon. We let the girls play on the splash pad and with the water table while we got some sun and drank margaritas. Not a bad way to start the weekend. Not bad at all.

Kennedy on the baby trampoline.

Baby face off. They are surrounded by toys, but that Dasani bottle is the sought after object.

Saturday was one of the busiest days I have had in a long time. I went to a baby shower brunch for my friend Heidi. I am so excited for her because she is waiting to find out the baby's sex until delivery day. And she is due the same week I had Kennedy! I loved meeting all her friends and family and can't wait to meet her baby in July.

After the brunch, I rushed home to get Greg and Kennedy so we could head out to the Ranger's game for the afternoon. David and Ashley invited us and the Pfeiffers to come hang out in David's office, which happens to be a suite at the ballpark. Now that's the way to take a baby to a sporting event! She could crawl around and I could keep her out of the sun while I enjoyed some stadium nachos.

We left a little before the game ended so Greg and I could get home and get ready for Jill's 30th birthday party. By getting ready, I mean combing my wig and putting on my lashes. She had a wig party and asked all of her guests to wear a wig. Not necessarily a costume. I went with a Jackie-O style wig and pearls. Greg and I enjoyed a baby-free evening of drinks and dancing with friends.

Now we are about to start packing for a quick overnight trip to Austin!

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