Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sun and Sand

Kennedy's first trip to the beach was in St. Thomas with her parents and grandparents. Lucky girl. We spent most of our time on St. Thomas, but did venture over to St. John for an afternoon.

The Vacationers.

We took a ferry over to St. John to explore and have some lunch and drinks. From this point on, just assume there were rum drinks involved in just about every aspect of the vacation. In fact, we were greeted with coconut and mango rum shots upon arrival in St. Thomas.

The Fam in St. John. Not pictured: frozen rum drinks.

Playing on the beach.

Shopping. A seahorse embroidered pillow beckoned me to this shop.

With Gramms on the ferry.

Kennedy loved the water. Seriously, she loved both the pool and the ocean. I am looking forward to lots of pool time this summer. I am not looking forward to the short (but intense) protesting that takes place upon removal from the pool.


Mommy and Minnie polka dots.

Coki Beach.

A little unsure of the waves, but intrigued nonetheless.

Splashing with Daddy.

Looking at the ocean.

Playing in the water is exhausting.

My parents were also on the trip and gladly watched Kennedy while Greg and I went exploring. We went sailing to Buck Island, a protected water area, and went snorkeling with the sea turtles. Our guide would dive down and bring up little sea creatures for us to hold like starfish and sea urchins (the not poisonous kind). It was just about as cool as it sounds. We never did find the bottom of the 'bottomless rum punch' on the boat.

Greg and I got on one of these for the day.

There are lots of sea turtles to be seen in these waters.

This stunning hair-do is courtesy of salt water and an day spent sailing.

Sapphire Beach. Great for snorkeling, lounging and rum drinking.

Kennedy was a great little traveler and made the trip so enjoyable. Going to a resort with a baby definitely makes for a different kind of vacation, but it was so fun to have her there. We are lucky that she is such an easy and happy baby.

This bow is ridiculous. She knows it but played along and left it in her hair for dinner.

One of my favorite pieces from her resort wardrobe - all the way from South Korea from Uncle Eric.

Happy Traveler.

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  1. Great pics! I love the one of her asleep on your shoulder...that's a framer, too!