Monday, May 9, 2011

10 Months

Kennedy is 10 months old. This means she is going to be, gasp, a year old in 2 more months. As much fun as I am having planning her parties, I can't believe how fast this (almost) year has flown by.

So, what is she up to at 10 months? Well, she has her Sea Legs and we now find her standing in her crib every morning. She is pulling up on just about everything and doesn't want to sit still. She plays pat-a-cake with us and loves banging different toys/objects together. She crawls really fast and can cover the length of the house in the blink of an eye.

Still a great little eater. We haven't found anything she outright refuses yet and definitely loves to snack on strawberries and cheese. The girl loves breads. We have found this is particularly helpful in restaurants when she is getting a little restless. We skipped the sippy cup, she was never a fan, and just went straight to the straw. Its both hilarious and adorable to watch her drink from it.

Kennedy is quite a little chatterbox and has full babble conversations with her baby doll and Minnie. She has been saying "ma-ma" for a while, but we are starting to think she now knows what it means. I mean, she points, looks directly at me and says, 'ma-ma.'

Speaking of pointing, she points (and grunts) at everything! She has a few picture books that she can point out the doggie and baby if we ask her where they are. Just today she started correctly pointing at her nose when I asked her where it was.

This is such a fun stage that she is in. She thinks everything is funny, waves at everyone and is generally a very happy baby. We love watching her as she is becoming a more independent little lady.

Full on Squish Face. Whatever I was saying when I took this was quite amusing.

Sitting still in the chair for photos is clearly no longer an option.

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