Monday, May 16, 2011

Austin Adventures

We just got back from a very quick trip down to Austin. Greg was doing a portfolio critique for the ad students at UT and we thought it would be fun if The Girls tagged along. We got to have dinner and margs with some of our Cool Austin Friends on Sunday night.

I had read (and heard) a lot of great things about the Austin Children's Museum, so I was pretty excited to take Kennedy there this morning. On Mondays they only open the museum to kids ages 2 and under. They had story time, music time and bubble time. Plus, the little ones could crawl and toddle around with out being run over by the big kids.

Climbing up the slide. Hard work.

Playing house.

The Children's Museum is fun, but it has nothing on the windows in our hotel room.

Kennedy and I continued our Austin adventure at an indoor mall before heading up to a newer outdoor mall called The Domain. I think Greg may have 'forgotten' to tell me there was a Lilly store there. I nearly spilled my Frappuccino in delight when I spotted it and some colorful little treasures made their way home with me.

We shopped a little at the University Co-op and Kennedy got her first set of pom-poms. We walked around campus and had a little snack before meeting up with Greg for the drive home.

Little Cheerleader.

Hanging out on campus. Felt a little out of place with a stroller and a baby.

Oh, also, Kennedy has red spots all over. They are hives and not contagious. Her pediatrician doesn't know what is causing them and they look worse than they actually are and really don't seem to bother her. We are on a variety of anti-histamines and are trying to figure out the source of the allergy.

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