Sunday, May 22, 2011


Uncle Ross graduated from dental school this weekend, so we headed down to Houston to celebrate with the Houston Hunters. Kennedy did well on the drive thanks to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on repeat on the DVD player. 

Following the graduation ceremony, we got together with family for fajitas, margaritas and cake. Kennedy loved playing with her cousins, Julia and Natalie, and especially loved playing with all their toys!

Congratulations Dr. Hunter!

Blue Steele

 Kennedy playing in the window with Julia and Natalie. 

I made these little dental treats out of white chocolate. 

Kennedy, Dr. Hunter, Natalie

The Houston Hunters are about to be known as the North Carolina Hunters. They are getting ready to relocate Chapel Hill so Ross can attend orthodontic school. We will miss having them so close, but can't wait to come visit!

We all met up Saturday morning at the zoo. This was Kennedy's first trip to the zoo and she loved looking at all the animals. 

 Giraffe Safari.  

 Riding the carousel. 

The North Carolina Hunters 

We spent the rest of the afternoon letting the girls play together at the house. It was so cute to watch Julia and Natalie share their toys and play with Kennedy. They crawled/ran around, played in the swings, played with the water table, blew bubbles, had dinner and read bed time stories together. Kennedy was asleep before we left and slept peacefully for the drive back to Dallas.

Greg and Julia 

Girl Talk.

That hair!

Playing with water. 


Dangerous. Who let the baby hold the water hose?

Soaked and happy. 

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