Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let the Pumpkin Pictures Begin

Today was the second of many trips this fall to see the pumpkins at the Dallas Arboretum. Caroline, Rachel and I loaded up in one car, and even though it was a big SUV, we still took up about every square inch with babies, strollers and gear. Kennedy has a few specialty outfits for pumpkin picture taking and she wore her black and orange tutu dress today.

The weather is beautiful outside right now, so even though the girls weren't so interested in the pumpkins, they definitely enjoyed being outside. There are literally thousands of pumpkins in rows, heaps and little story book houses. We stopped at a bench in the shade to feed the girls and have a sip of "mommy juice."

Such a fun afternoon and I can't wait to go back!

Happy girl

Stretching out by the pumpkins.

The stroller brigade - watch out, Kennedy might run you over in her SUV stroller.

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